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User Insights

How can you better serve your users?


Service Modelling

How can you expect customers to interact with your services?


Service Prioritization

How can you reduce costs and deliver a valued user experience?

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Driving change through analytics and service design.

Discover customer behaviours
We unlock the value available in customer data. Our team of professionals can see and discover patterns of behaviour using a blended approach of design and analytics. We collaborate with our clients and their customers to rapidly prototype and test new ideas to impact business results.
Grow your business capabilities
We identify the opportunities to improve the design and analytics capabilities at your organization. By understanding your capabilities, we recommend changes to metrics, data, tools, and customer engagement activities to meet your future needs.
Focus on what's important
We’re focused on providing data analytics services to organizations, with a clear focus on service design from inception. It’s a core principle of all the work we do, and we love to share and inspire all the other leaders of analytics to help grow this area.
People and data

“Our team brings together the expertise you need to truly understand users and deliver the products and services that meet their needs.”

Everton Lewis
Impact Signal Partner

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Everton Lewis, Impact Signal partner

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