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Impact Signal Service Design and Analytics

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Collaborating to help teams outperform their existing metrics.


Marketing and Talent Teams

We collaborate with Marketing and Talent teams to solve problems such as: How can you better serve your users? 

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Product Management Teams

We collaborate with Product Management teams to solve problems such as: How can we define a product vision that everyone understands and works toward?

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Data Insights and Analytics Teams

We collaborate with Data and Analytics teams to solve problems such as: How do we identify the right problem to tackle with analytics? 

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How we do it.

Driving change through analytics and service design.

Human-Centred and Data-Driven
We’re focused on understanding both the qualities and quantities of a service or product experience. We want to help leaders make human-centred and data-driven choices.
We collaborate with our clients and their customers to find ideas that impact business results. From day one we listen, adjust, and grow together to achieve results.
We are transparent in our project work; giving access to all team members, getting feedback on interim work, and incorporating our clients into our process throughout.
People and data

“Our team brings together the expertise you need to truly understand users and deliver the products and services that meet their needs.”

Everton Lewis
Impact Signal Partner

Meet the Impact Signal team

Everton Lewis, Impact Signal partner

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