5 Reasons Why Our Clients Love Us!


5 Reasons Why Our Clients Love Us!

February 10, 2022

It’s no secret that we love and appreciate our clients, but here’s five reasons why they continue to choose Impact Signal.

1. We are friendly and approachable

We pride ourselves on our down-to-earth and transparent personalities so that we make a connection with you! Creating a one-on-one, personable relationship with our clients is a must for us as it provides trust and deepens connections. We advocate for human-centric design, and a vital stake in that is knowing your clients and customers. 

2. We understand your needs

We understand our clients and their customers by looking at data and conducting qualitative research. As we work with our clients, we can even take it a step further by interviewing and reviewing customers that don’t currently use the client’s product or service. This allows us to predict certain user behaviours that are important to your business. By doing this, we are able to understand what the customer wants and how to achieve it through an effective business model. We also engage in service flow prototyping so that our clients find the right way to test their service before investing in their final service experience. 

3. We offer a personalised design method

Every company has its differences, as does every customer – that’s why our work is personalised to your service and yours only! We can choose from a variety of tools and methodologies to achieve your goals. We can use user profiling to deliver solutions that match your customer’s demands, so that they can make a deeper connection with your company. Working with journey mapping and service blueprinting, we can map how new and existing customers interact with your service and uncover the goals, emotions, successes and downfalls of the journey. Furthermore, we are flexible and easily able to adapt to any project changes that may arise, in order to deliver results.

4. We have the experience

Our founding partners have worked with companies and organisations such as BMS, Moderna, RBC, CIBC, TD, Government of Canada, TTC, York Region Transit, B.C. Wildfire Service and many more. Each of our team members and associates bring their own unique talents into our projects, from service design to consulting to data analytics to location intelligence. Organisations large or small can benefit from the services Impact Signal has to offer. The best customer experiences are created with a deep understanding of client-side and user-side challenges and finding the right team.  

5. We measure results

Our goal is to make sure you’re happy with the results of our services — whether that is a customer journey map, providing insights from deep diving into data, or recommending an all new customer experience. Throughout the roadmap phases, we are able to track goals and outcomes. With KPI metrics and deep diving into analytics, you’ll have the informative insights to make impactful decisions to keep your company on the track to success. 

We want to see your company grow and succeed, and that’s why we’re here to ensure that it doesn’t stop after we complete our deliverables.
Interested in becoming a loving client too? Email us at to get in contact with us!


  • Kiera Cz is a Marketing Intern at Impact Signal for the Winter 2022 term. Aside from that, she is also a current undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo, obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Rhetoric, Media, and Professional Communication. Within this program, her main areas of focus are writing and social media; to which she has had the opportunity to explore these skills in other jobs and volunteer experiences. With both of these focal points, Kiera hopes to read and understand the stories of inspirational people around the world, and share them with as many people as she can.

  • Everton Lewis approaches business problems using a perspective that combines design, analytics, and technology. He has guided clients during several large-scale business and technology transformations establishing himself as a trusted advisor. He has an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and has lead project teams that have won global awards from the Service Design Network and Fast Company for innovative design.


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