Coffee Chats: John Wallis – Episode 1


Coffee Chats: John Wallis – Episode 1

November 4, 2021

Welcome to the first episode in a series of Impact Signal Coffee Chats where we explore anything and everything about data, analytics, service design, user experiences, and customer journeys.

In Episode 1 of this series, Everton Lewis, Partner at Impact Signal sits down with John Wallis, VP of Data, Analytics, and Marketing Technology at Rogers Communications to talk about omnichannel experiences, implementation, and creation.

00:13 Question #1: What does an omnichannel experience mean to you?
09:10 Question #2: Are omnichannel experiences limited to companies with endless resources?
22:48 Question #3: Are data silos a major barrier in implementing an omnichannel in a large organization?
31:25 Question #4: What piece of advice would you give to someone looking at building an omnichannel experience for their organization?

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