Getting a Return On Your Journey Mapping Project


Getting a Return On Your Journey Mapping Project

August 13, 2020

Getting a Return On Your Journey Mapping Project

With customer shifts to digital delivery channels, companies are putting more emphasis on creating better digital experiences.  Most companies spend too much time fixing the bad parts of an experience and would be better off doing other things to generate loyal customers.  



After defining the current experience, often companies try to make small fixes to negative aspects of the experience.  They do it with the hope that instead of remembering the now improved negative moments, customers will instead remember a positive high point or a positive endpoint. In the Power of Moments, Chip and Dan Heath argue that fixing negative moments in the journey has a poor Return on Investment. A far better return comes from magnifying peaks already in the experience to overpower the bad moments in the experience. This solution is often overlooked and is not an intuitive answer for most teams.  It also can be very difficult to find ways to consistently create high impact positive moments. 


In my experience, a number of approaches that don’t obsess on the bad parts can work. Brandon Schauer provides a nice summary of several of them in a medium article “A Playbook for Improving Customer Journeys”.  Here are a few approaches that I give careful consideration;


  1. Magnifying Peaks (Chip and Dan’s favourite)
  2. Early Solutions
  3. Skips and Jumps
  4. Reordering
  5. Intelligent Experiences (proactively adapt, sense context)


The current business environment is forcing organizations to quickly decide how to optimize their service delivery. There are a myriad of possibilities for updating your service delivery. Don’t default to the quick answer of fixing only the parts that suck.


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