How Impact Signal Delivers Value Using Service Design


How Impact Signal Delivers Value Using Service Design

January 24, 2023

As companies and organizations continue to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape, the importance of having a solid service design strategy has never been more crucial. Hiring a service design consultant like Impact Signal can provide numerous benefits to help organizations achieve their goals and stay competitive in the market. 

First and foremost, Impact Signal brings a wealth of experience from working at different organizations. Our team of professionals has worked with a wide range of clients in various industries. As a result, we deeply understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with service design in healthcare, financial services and other complex industries. 

Secondly, a key benefit of working with Impact Signal is the ability to take a holistic approach to service design. From an external perspective, we can work to understand the needs and goals of the organization, the users, and the broader ecosystem in which the service operates. We can work closely with clients to understand the big picture and identify improvement and innovation opportunities.

In addition, Impact Signal is known for our user-centred approach to service design. We can quickly launch and complete user research that might take a company 3 or 4 times as long on their own. By putting user research at the core of our work plan we can ensure that the services meet the users’ needs and are more likely to be adopted and used. 

Finally, Impact Signal is known for our ability to measure impact. We start our projects by defining measurable objectives to track over time. Then, we work during the project to review data requirements and analytics strategy. As a result, we have a track record of helping organizations create successful solutions.

Do you need help with service design? Do you want to take that step in the right direction for your products or service experience? Contact us today to evolve how you design your services! 

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