Biotech & Pharmaceutical

Designing a Better Way to Share Medical Information

health care professional journey


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked with a vaccine manufacturer to define digital tools to share medical information about mRNA technology. We had the opportunity to be bold because there were no legacy systems in place. We wanted to define a future state based on customer trends, customer needs, and business value.

The Challenge

Define the future state vision for medical information from a vaccine manufacturer that maximizes its value and impact on the health care practitioner experience.

The Process

To tackle this challenge, we completed a twelve-week design project. During phase 1, key customer journey moments, customer behaviours, and customer needs were defined using primary and secondary research. In phase 2, solutions to solve for customer needs were co-created with Health Care Practitioners from across North America. In phase 3, key capabilities and features of the future state vision were defined through collaborative sessions with stakeholders.

The Output

We provided a visual summary of the key moments in the health care professional journey and future vision for the complete service experience. We looked at including necessary organizational, system, data, KPIs, and partnerships required for the vision. The consolidated view was used to align the organization on decisions to be made now and about the future direction. The summary was used as an executive communication tool to enable cross departmental decision making. The operational information was used to engage appropriate internal resources, prioritize software development, and create software roadmap.

Keys to Success

  • Stakeholder Management
  • User Profiling
  • Journey Mapping
  • Service Delivery Optimization