Designing a Seamless Online and In-person Financial Interview

Online Interview


To translate vision into action, one needs to go beyond strategy. On this project, the company knew the overall customer and employee experience vision but needed the right tools to go deeper to define details for successful execution. As a digital-first organization, the company wanted to communicate via online tools as well as in person. It was important for conversations to be able to start online and transition to in-person if desired by the user. The team employed research tools and low-fidelity wireframes to develop specific business requirements while saving development costs.

The Challenge

Company employees needed to engage with customers using new guidelines for online and personal interactions. They needed new conversation scripts and digital tools to equip them with the confidence to initiate and deliver the new customer experience vision.

The Process

To tackle this challenge, we completed a six-week design sprint that provided us an insight into customer’s behaviour and potential tools to create a better service experience. We recruited customers to test different tools and scripts and gained further input from employees. After 6 weeks, with weekly research, design, and test sessions, we defined the overall service experience to better meet the needs of the different customer profiles.

The Output

We provided tools and templates employees could use during interactions with customers. A service experience that started online and transitioned to in-person with a variety of support materials.

Keys to Success

  • Customer behaviour profile research
  • Low-to-medium fidelity prototypes
  • Frequent review and iteration