Customer Value Review

Work with employees to clarify customer value proposition for solution development.

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    Why does customer value matter?

    By aligning teams on the value proposition at the start we direct time and energy to solutions that will be valued by customers and are more likely to be adopted.

    What’s our process?

    Gather together available information about customers to inform group conversations about the potential value for customers.


    1. Launch

    • Alignment on project roles, goals, participants, and timelines
    • Develop research participant criteria
    • Recruitment of participants

    2. Customer Flow Research

    • One-on-one or small group interviews with employees and/or customers to understand key steps, desired gains, and pains during the customer experience

    3. Metrics and KPI Research

    • Consolidate available data to understand the organization's performance in the delivery of the service

    4. Analogs Research

    • Consolidate similar customer problems from within and outside the industry for inspiration

    5. Collaborative Review Session

    • Facilitate a session with team members to discuss the customer value 
    • Session will stimulate discussion using design thinking and collaborative  approaches 


    • None


    • Cross-functional collaboration 
    • Alignment across the organization on the targeted customer value 

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