Decision Factor Analysis 

Estimate the impact on business metrics of changes to a service or product experience.

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    Why do decision factors matter?

    Allow the team to identify key indicators of customer behaviour by analyzing available data sets.

    What’s our process?

    Work collaboratively with your team to gather data and define important relationships that impact customer experience and business results. 


    1. Launch

    • Identify available CX data and documentation (i.e customer segmentation, web analytics, etc)
    • Identify current leading and lagging business metrics

    2. Customer View

    • One-on-one or small group interviews with current and prospective customers to understand key decision moments
    • Large scale customer survey to confirm key decision making moments and factors 

    3. Decision Factor Analysis

    • Explore correlations between customer experiential factors and business metrics
    • Estimate business impact of customer experience factors on business metrics
    • Summarize key CX decision factors and business impacts


    • Interviews and survey recruitment from customer lists


    • Move from assumptions based to research-based decision-making
    • Create alignment across the organization for changes in the service experience

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