Location Profiling

Summarize important characteristics of users from a location to identify unique needs or differences from other locations.

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    Why do location profiles matter?

    Location profiles are an analytic challenge that requires an understanding of the customer and the market potential for a retailer at a location. We deliver insights to leading brands to help them identify trends, quantify the impact of location, and identify opportunities based on geography, trade factors, and accessibility.

    What’s our process?

    We build location profiles, study customer behaviour, and demographics to drive market potential for retailers.


    1. Launch

    • Identify relevant point of sale and other data sources
    • Identify store locations to include in analysis
    • Identify relevant background documentation (i.e customer segmentation, web analytics, etc)

    2. Data Analysis

    • Data exploration and analysis of location relevant data sources
    • Synthesis of customer related data to understand location details

    3. Visual Summary

    • Create a visual summary representing the location of customers
    • Summarize opportunities for data improvement and future analysis
    Service location


    • Point of sale data available


    • Move from assumptions based to research based decision-making for marketing and service delivery choices

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