Predictive Behaviour Modelling 

Recognize behaviour patterns in user data and use the patterns to plan for the future.

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    Why do behaviour models matter?

    Help teams understand how people make decisions, and in turn can help your business develop, and empirically test, strategies that reflect these realities to solve your biggest challenges.

    What’s our process?

    We think broadly to determine the right data to use. We work collaboratively to build and test models that help teams make decisions about products and services.


    1. Launch

    • Define target users for research
    • List key CX decision factors and business impacts

    2. Define Relevant Data Sets

    • Brainstorm potential data proxies for key decision-making factors
    • Gather supplementary data sources and verify quality

    3. Model Development

    • Build model based on the control region
    • Iterate model for the control region
    • Apply the model to the experiment region
    • Evaluate fit of the model in experiment region
    • Iterate until the best fit is established

    4. Communicate Findings

    • Visualize findings of the model to highlight important details
    • Finalize deliverable with the appropriate communication form


    • Point of sale and other customer data available


    • Move from assumptions based to research based decision-making
    • Create alignment across the organization for changes in the service experience

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