Service Delivery Optimization

Explore ways to improve (or create) a service experience to meet customer and business goals.

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    Why does service optimization matter?

    Implementing service optimization best practices can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The optimization process improves inefficient systems and will help you achieve a customer experience that is suitable at every step of their journey.

    What’s our process?

    We have experience with optimizing service delivery for businesses and organizations. Our research approach is designed on a project by project basis to uncover the goals, motivations, attitudes, constraints and pivotal moments in the customer journey (both positive and negative).



    • Development of recruitment criteria
    • Recruitment of employee and customer participants

    Employee and Data View

    • One-on-one or small group interviews with employees to understand opportunities, pain points, and data available.

    Customer View

    • One-on-one or small group interviews with current and prospective customers to understand goals and key moments in the customer journey (positive and negative).

    Collaboration Session

    • Small group or large group session with employees and customers to new ideas for key moments in the customer journey (positive and negative)


    • Calculation of customer related impact and business impact of changes (or new service)
    • List new features, resources required, budgets, and timelines


    • Minimum research group of 10 users
    • Require access to marketing, POS or other type of customer data


    • Move from assumptions based to research based decision-making
    • Create alignment across the organization for changes in the service experience

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