Service Flow Prototyping 

Find ways to test a service before spending large amounts of money to build the final service experience.

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    Why does service prototype testing matter?

    Implementing service prototype testing is a good practice to iterate and understand customer satisfaction and loyalty. The process improves inefficient systems and will help you achieve an overall cost savings by making informed decisions on the products and services you offer.

    Service Prototyping

    What’s our process?

    We have experience with service prototype testing for businesses and organizations. Our in-person or remote approach provides users with a functioning, interactive prototype of a new product or service, including complete testing of an end-to-end user journey.


    1. Recruit

    • Develop participant recruiting criteria.
      Recruitment of employee and customer participants.

    3. Test

    • Create in context tests using prototypes to measure interest.

    2. Build

    • Large group session to define key features of the new service experience.
      Planning sessions to define prototype medium and testing plan
      Build non-code prototype or in-person service experience for launch.


    • Recruitment from customer lists
      User personas or behaviour profiles are available


    • Move from assumptions based to research based decision-making
      Create alignment across the organization for changes in the service experience

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