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Knowing when to use data analytics becomes a key component to awaken your mindset and teach you how to apply actionable solutions.

Design Centred Approach to AI Workshop

Whether you are developing new products, optimizing the customer journey, or building a solution to spark innovation, the methodologies we share will guide you to the optimal outcome.

Knowing when to use data analytics becomes a key component to awaken your mindset and teach you how to apply actionable solutions using an insight oriented perspective. 

This critical skill set is applicable to all industries and all levels of government and is amplifying our analytical capabilities.

What will you learn in this workshop?
A specific set of tools, methods and frameworks that pair Design Thinking with AI and machine learning to solve customer and organizational challenges.

Practical steps to get to the next level of maturity with design and analytics, not just individually but for your team and organization as a whole
Who should attend?
Those who want to understand how design and AI work together and those who want to spark discussions and champion a design thinking mindset inside their organization.
Impact Signal workshops and team engagement

High-level Workshop Agenda

  • Fundamentals of AI, machine learning and data analytics

  • Design thinking applied to emerging technology

  • Personalization and prediction

  • Conversational and voice interfaces

  • Benchmarking your organization’s customer experience and analytics maturity

  • Gaining buy-in and adoption of these methods inside the organization

  • Ethical or responsible AI frameworks

Star Star Star Star Star

“I really learned about the concepts that matter in human-centric design.”

Benjamin C.
Star Star Star Star Star

“The speakers were personable, engaging, and made me think more about how I can provide more value to my customers.”

Helen S.
Business Owner
Star Star Star Star Star

“Finally, a workshop that distills the important elements.”

Mark O.
UX Researcher

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! During this unprecedented time, we are able to offer virtual workshops for your organization. Get in touch with us to discuss more.

Yes. We ask that fully vaccinated attendees show their documents anytime before the workshop (email or in-person day of). Workshop attendees are kept to small groups of under 10 people.

Yes, for groups we can offer custom pricing that best suits your needs.

Yes. During your consultation, we'll discuss customizing your workshop experience and will try to accommodate your group to the best of our ability.

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