Voice of Sales

Learn about customers that don’t choose your product or decide to leave your product.

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    Why voice of sales matters?

    Define target customers for growth by learning about customers that don’t currently use the service or product.

    What’s our process?

    Facilitate interviews, small group sessions, and system data analysis to learn about potential areas for growth.


    1. Launch

    • Development of recruitment criteria
    • Recruitment of participants

    2. Interviews

    • One-on-one or small group interviews with sales team and prospective customers to understand reasons for not using service or product

    3. Data Review

    • Synthesis of customer-related systems data to understand needs, goals, and motivation.

    4. Profile Overview

    • Summary of customer types into multiple profiles detailing needs, goals, motivations, and attitudes. 


    • Minimum research group of 10
    • Require access to sales, marketing or other types of similar data.


    • Move from assumptions based to research based decision-making 
    • Create alignment across the organization for the needs, goals, and motivation of customer that need to be satisfied. 

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