Why You Should Focus On User-Centric Design


Why You Should Focus On User-Centric Design

July 4, 2022

“I don’t know why they keep changing the app.”

“This new version is so hard to use.” 

“I don’t like this, why don’t they listen to their customers’ concerns?”

Many of you have probably felt this way while using a product or service. With the growth of new technologies, it is important for businesses to modify their products in order to stay competitive. However, are all those changes necessary? Should a business follow market trends even though their customers aren’t happy with it? That’s where user-centered design comes in.

User-centered design is a process that focuses on placing the users at the center of design and development.

This process stands out from others because of its depth. With user-centered design, you’re going further than just looking at the general characteristics of your users. You’re looking at their behavioural and psychological preferences. Not only are you looking at their choices but also learning about why they make those choices. 

So how will this help your business?

1. Long Term R.O.I. 

Putting your capital into something like user-centered design may seem like a waste of time and money in the beginning. However, by using this you’ll be setting yourself up for success in the future. Businesses like Amazon and Apple put tons of money into research and development. They truly put their customers first and you can see how that has benefitted them. 


2. Creates Empathy Towards Users

Since user-centered design highlights customers as the focus, it naturally creates empathy towards those users. Empathy is important because it’ll help you understand your customers needs and wants better, including their pain points. 


3. Increases Sales

Listening to your customers’ concerns is important, but equally important, addressing those concerns and taking steps to solve them is what makes your business go from good to great. Maintaining that kind of corporate social responsibility creates a loyal customer base. As you acquire and retain more customers, your sales will also increase. 


4. Inclusive Products

Diversity and inclusion is something that should be present in all aspects of a business, not just amongst the workforce. Your product and/or service should be inclusive. User-centered design fosters that inclusivity. It offers diverse perspectives and helps you understand your customers better.

User-centered design is essentially a chain reaction of events in your business process.  By understanding your customers, you’re providing them with a product they want. When they’re given a product that’s catered to their needs they will want to continue using it. With that your sales will increase and the cycle continues. Not sure where to start? Send us a message and we can help you! 


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